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Here’s a list of some of the best TaskRabbit competitors out there. Check out this list of top TaskRabbit alternatives and find out which service you should be using to make more money or get things done.


  • – Crowdsource tasks up to 15 minutes in length to a team of US-based VAs (Virtual Assistants)


  • (duh)
  • (Smartphone app only)

Select Cities

  • (Purchased by TaskRabbit in January 2012)
  • (Only New York & New Jersey as of January 2012)

Single Cities

  • – Houston, TX
  • – NYC
  • – NYC


  • (private beta launched in Chicago as of January 2012)
  • (relaunching as of January 2012)

This page will be regularly updated to keep the list of TaskRabbit competitors relevant and up to date. Go ahead and suggest your favorite alternatives to TaskRabbit in the comments section below so I can check ‘em out and perhaps add more useful TaskRabbit-related websites and services to this list of small job resources. And don’t forget, if you haven’t tried TaskRabbit yet, use Coupon Code PAL195010 to get $10 off your 1st task!

New TaskRabbit Mobile App

TaskRabbit has a new mobile app available for iPhone and other smartphone users. Here are a few of the newest features:

  1. Log in with your existing TaskRabbit account in addition to Facebook.
  2. Need help online? Ask for virtual help by selecting the Virtual option on our Task wheel.
  3. View and manage all your tasks at a glance in the My Tasks section
  4. Push notifications allow to you to “set it and forget it”. Get updates on the go of your Task’s status.
  5. Browse and filter tasks in your area on the task map to get great ideas on how people in your community are using TaskRabbit.

Download TaskRabbit iPhone App

With people becoming more and more disgruntled with Craigslist everyday, TaskRabbit has become a viable alternative for finding good help. This is especially true in San Francisco, where TaskRabbit is based out of. (Although the company started as Run My Errand in Boston, it was rebranded and relocated to its current SF headquarters.) Just check out this comparison of the two companies’ ratings on Yelp to see what I’m talking about:

Craigslist SF YelpTaskRabbit SF Yelp

It is nice to see that TaskRabbit is employing such local marketing strategies as offering a Groupon to San Franciscans. Although it doesn’t seem like this Groupon did that well (for as big of a company as TaskRabbit at least), it does show that TaskRabbit is building up a presence starting at the local level.

TaskRabbit Groupon San Francisco


If you currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you haven’t tried TaskRabbit yet, why not give ‘em a shot? And if you want to get signed up today, use the Promo Code PAL195010 to get $10 off your first TaskRabbit task!


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